Fabulous Airports In Barcelona Meeting Global Standards

Capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is the second largest city in the entire Spain. The place at the present time is one of the world’s leading economic, tourist, trade fairs, exhibitions and also a center of culture and sports and its influence in education, commerce, entertainment, science, media, science, fashion and arts all add to the position as one of the most global cities of the world. It is a significant cultural, economic center in south-western Europe and is a growing financial center. The city is well-connected by airways and the different airlines connect the city to the other parts of the world.

There are attractive airline options available in the city. It has a wide range from the most expensive for luxury and business travels to the cheap plane tickets for the economy class travels… Flight booking to the place can also be done manually by visiting any of the airports of the world. Cheap tickets to Barcelona can be obtained if the booking is done a few days prior the travel.

The destination is served by Barcelona-EL part airport which is 17 kilometers from the city center. Spain’s second leading airport, it is located on the Mediterranean coast. The airport is linked to the city by means of a highway. In 2009, a new terminal T1 was built and is now fully operational. Close to Saba dell, Saba dell Airport is located and is comparatively small. The purpose of this airport is to impart pilot training, private flights. To the Barcelona’s north, there is another Airport named Gerona Costa Brava Airport. This airport is situated 90 kilometers to the north of Barcelona. At the south of Barcelona, there is Reus Airport and is one of the most used by the people of South Barcelona. Cheap flights to Barcelona can be easily obtained from any country through any of the travel booking sites.

The best part about the biggest airport in the city is that it is very close to the city center. As accounted in a survey, in 2010, the passenger traffic was about 30 million, and this is the world’s 32nd busiest airport. There are two terminals in the airport. The biggest and the latest terminal in this airport are T1. The construction of this terminal was completed in 2009 and from then onwards it is operational. The terminal is equipped with all the modern amenities and comfort elements for the passengers. All the terminals in this airport are compared to world-class and all international and national travelers cannot help praising this airport once they visit it. Cheap tickets to Barcelona are available in the off seasons when the rush of the passengers is relatively less.