As U.S. disables one forum for trade fights under WTO, it strengthens another under USMCA

In the same week it unilaterally disabled a key World Trade Organization body for settling trade disputes, the United States agreed to significantly strengthen Canada’s ability to pursue such cases under an amended North American free trade deal. The nearly simultaneous developments came amid a raucous week for international trade that also saw the U.S. […]

Tech Guru: Amazon and Google Will Replace Your Doctor

In a recent interview, tech guru Peter Diamandis made the case for the big tech Masters of the Universe becoming America’s healthcare providers. Diamandis believes that if companies like Google and Amazon can gather even more information about every detail of your life, they will be better able to manage your health than traditional doctors […]

Frequent fliers: Nova Scotia cabinet ministers visited 17 countries in 19 months

Nova Scotia’s premier spent more days outside the country than in the legislature between January 2018 and September 2019, a Global News analysis has found. The premier and 12 cabinet ministers have expensed more than $204,000 in international travel in that 19-month period, spending a collective 268 days in 17 countries. Those costs do not […]

London-St. Thomas jobless rate falls to 5.8% in November, 5,500 jobs added – London

For the second month in a row, the London-St. Thomas jobless rate has fallen. According to Statistics Canada, the local unemployment rate fell to 5.8 per cent in November as the region added 5,500 jobs. It’s the second straight month of large job increases after 4,600 jobs were added in October. The increase in the […]

Bank of Canada wary of business investment surge that seems too good to be true

Earlier this week, New Look Vision Group Inc., Canada’s biggest seller of eyeglasses, bought a Miami-based outfit called Coco Lunette Holding LLC, which runs a dozen stores in swanky Florida locations such as Boca Raton and Naples. Not only was the acquisition the first in the United States for Montreal-based New Look, it was the […]

Lethbridge Christmas campaigns looking for increased donations amid ‘difficult and challenging economic times’ – Lethbridge

‘Tis the season for giving, and in Lethbridge, several holiday campaigns have already kicked off and according to organizers, demand has grown significantly. This year, Jade Warf with My City Care said the need is bigger than ever before — meaning even more donations are needed this holiday season. “It seems like every year the […]