A Guide To Manly For Adrenaline Junkies

If you are in Sydney, or planning to travel there, don’t forget to hop over to Manly for some thrills. You’ll be happy you did; Manley’s golden sands, electric atmosphere and surf breaks will more than keep you happy. That’s not all! Manly is the place to head to for some serious adventures too. Read on.

Ocean Adventures

If you’re into surfing, swimming, kayaking or canoeing, head to Manly Beach.

Kayaking: You can rent your kayaks and launch them from the ferry wharf on Manly Beach. Both single and double kayaks are available on rent.

Surfing: As for surfing, if you’re a beginner, you can take lessons from Manly Surf School. You can rent surfing equipment from any surf school or surf equipment outlet on the beach. The breaks are great, especially on fine, windy days, so get your board out there and live it up on Manly Beach.

Parasailing: Parasailers can have a great time at Manly Beach as well – plenty of speed boats here offer you the ride of a lifetime, parasailing through the air behind their speed boats!

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: If you’re into scuba diving or snorkeling, head over to Shelly Beach. The waters of this popular marine reserve are rampant with exotic marine life that is to be seen to be believed. Suit up and get into the water – you’ll not want to surface back to the mundane world outside.

Offshore Power-boating: Sign up for a power-boating adventure from Manly wharf and experience the sheer thrill of speeding over the high waves. You’ll love it when your power boat rides the swells high!

Yacht Racing: Check out options for weekend and twilight yacht racing at the Manly Yacht Club. You can join up as part of the casual crew and even take some classes on how to sail yachts. The weekend club races are especially exciting, as each yacht tries to outdo the other yacht’s performance.

Shark Dive X-tree: Do you like getting close and intimate with dangerous creatures? Not many are more dangerous than the bloodthirsty and forever hungry sharks, yes? Well, Dive into Ocean world’s aquarium and swim along with huge sharks, snakes, deadly crocodiles, stingrays, spiders, and much more.

Mountain Adventures for Adrenaline Junkies

Mountain and Rock Climbing and Abseiling: Set out on a brisk trek to North Head hills from Manly Wharf. You’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of Sydney Harbor from the top of North Head. Attempt to climb the rugged, 300 feet cliffs of North Head solo or with other climbers. Check out the WWII gun emplacements on top of the cliffs. While speaking of rock climbing, don’t forget that the Blue Mountains are nearby. Try your hand at mountain climbing, abseiling and other rocky adventures.

Mountain Biking: Join a mountain biking group and challenge yourself to stay on your bike while riding the rugged terrain of the Blue Mountains.

4WD Driving: If biking is not your thing, then head navigate the same rugged tracks on a 4WD vehicle. Spend some time bush walking and camping overnight in the Blue Mountains and discover some magnificent scenery.